You Are Authorized To Start and Qualified to Finish Strong.

I am Belinda Enoma, founder of – the online platform that empowers you to start, implement to a victorious finish. I host an annual conference globally – iEmancipateMe Conference and I am the founder of Persistent Faith Ministries International where your faith is awakened with messages of hope and love beyond church walls. In the marketplace, I speak to leaders, often talk about authenticity, build digital businesses and launch destinies.

Do you know that you are the Assigned? It’s about implementing your life’s assignment, how to avoid some terrible mistakes in your life journey, my personal stories and much more.

Many people are unfulfilled because purpose is misunderstood, deactivated and assignments not implemented. Click here to read more about me and how I can help your organization. Some of my speaking topics include Faith and Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership , Workplace Culture Improvement.


Work Your Zone of Brilliance. You Don’t Need to Hide Your Authenticity.

I learned a long time ago to do what I know how to do and hire someone to do what I don’t know. It surely pays to operate in your zone of brilliance.

Once upon a time I didn’t highlight my tech expertise in the legal sector, neither did I highlight my legal experience in the tech sector. I felt really weird. Have you ever felt that way at work because you just think it’s better to operate in one direction instead of applying your multiple gifts and talents?

Uh huh. Okay, make an appointment and let me work with you to fearlessly operate in your gift zone, generate income, activate, implement your purpose and push towards impacting your generation.